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About Us

Rotoplast is a family run business, which was founded in 1971, and has remained in private ownership ever since.

Since its inception, the core activities of Rotoplast have consisted of the production and flexo printing of flexible packaging. When we say that we are a family business, we are not only referring to the ownership structure, but also to the basic life values upon which our professional development is based.

We have been building this company for more than 40 years as well as investing in new technology, developing the existing processes by adhering to market demands and creating new partnerships with customers and suppliers.

In the area of flexible packaging, we offer the complete product – from design, prepress and the creation of photopolymer print forms to printing, laminating, slitting, pressing and confectioning, i.e. manufacturing of various types of bags.

As one of the leading manufacturers of flexible packaging in Croatia in October of 2005 and in order to accomplish our long-term development plans which, among other things, imply development and acquisition of complementary technologies; we became even more prosperous by adding to our company one of the leading brands in the packaging industry. The brand in question is Bakrotisak d.d. from Garešnica, which has been a significant actor in the packaging industry in Croatia for the last 30 years and which has had significant success in exporting its products to the former Yugoslavia region and the European countries.

The acquisition helped us achieve our goals of expanding our selection of products, achieving higher print quality and expanding the range of services offered to our customers, who will now be able to satisfy the majority of their flexible packaging needs in one place.

Our wish is to be the best when it comes to quality, one of the leading regional manufacturers of flexible packaging when it comes to quantity and the ones who are recognized as a reliable partner firmly directed towards advancements in knowledge and the development of quality.

We consider the people to be our primary strength, namely the employees at Rotoplast and Bakrotisak. They significantly contribute to the success of our companies and, at the same time, to the success of our customers. As a means of personal and professional development, our employees participate in a regular program of continuous education and professional training, which is specially tailored for a particular work place.

By systematically tracking the new ways of developing and applying flexible packaging, we are continuously exploring the possibilities of adopting new products and technologies as well as expanding into new markets.