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INFRAREDESIGN® – anti-counterfeiting product protection

INFRAREDESIGN® A revolutionary change in design and flexo-print perception

  • An invention and the only one of its kind in the world which enables the management of visible/invisible information
  • Patent protection in the Republic of Croatia and all European countries
  • Creating a double image
  • A new flexo-print standard
  • A change of the way how you perceive security
  • Dual security

Areas and countries where the patent protection applies

  • The Republic of Croatia and Europe
  • IRD is lost after copying, it is impossible to achieve the balanced image visible in the daylight and the IR image with printing


INFRAREDESIGN® enables you to:

  • build in a hidden image and information within a carrier image visible to the human eye
  • design invisible security elements on all flexo-print backgrounds: PET, PAP, self-adhesive PAP, PP, PA, PVC, PPLL, PE…
  • create a double image within a single one: one is visible in the daylight and the other is a completely independent one hidden in the near-infrared spectrum in an unlimited range of colors and tones

INFRAREDESIGN® on plastic flexible packaging

  • INFRARED PACKAGING – a new brand
  • A collaboration between Rotoplast and FotoSoft
  • A revolutionary approach to designing and printing plastic flexo-packaging
  • A new way of perceiving security
  • The possibility of a double simultaneous design – the designers can integrate two types of information
  • The customer’s and the marketing perspective – an added value to a product

INFRAREDESIGN® on plastic flexible packaging

  • Our projects include collaborations with regional foreign customers, but also with customers from Europe, Russia – Wimm Bill Dann, Red Bull…
  • We enable our customers to use the patent
  • We ensure an additional value to the products, which our customers can then transfer to their customers

INFRAREDESIGN® in printing plastic flexible packaging

  • Same conditions apply to printing: the same printing machine, standard colors, existing technology, standard printing backgrounds
  • The same relationships, the existing processes and infrastructure
  • Simple control by using an IR camera

INFRAREDESIGN® – control and check


  • DUAL CAMERA – enables you to record in IR mode and standard mode, a special type of software
  • The same resolution and image format
  • Controlling INFRAREDESIGN® production during printing and a subsequent control in application and on sales locations
  • The customers receive a dual camera
  • The possibility to record – an instant check and a subsequent additional analysis
  • A simple and quick control system by using a camera, a still camera or a mobile phone with a night vision feature – by using an infrared source, an IR camera – a security camera

An existing infrastructure and the possibilities of application

  • Using the existing cameras for video surveillance in stores – the possibility of reducing investment in new cameras
  • Barcode scanners in stores
  • Barcode scanners on mobile phones – possible in the near future

INFRAREDESIGN® a multicolored barcode

  • Used on all barcode scanners
  • Cannot be scanned or copied because the IRD information is lost this way
  • A counterfeit product (packaging) cannot be scanned by using a barcode scanner
  • A multicolored barcode on a multicolored background – a high degree of protection
  • There is an increasing need today to use multiple barcodes on the product to enable a faster scanning process with the barcode scanners

The application of IRD, multicolored barcodes, multicolored QR codes


  • Prize contests
  • Anti-counterfeit protection
  • A lot of additional information without substantial design interventions
  • Refined design


  • Represents a new flexo-print standard and brand
  • Refines the existing design – double information, additional value, a new sense of security
  • Standard printing requirements, standard flexo colors, standard printing backgrounds – tested and checked
  • Simple control