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In manufacturing, we use different types of materials from the leading domestic and global producers. All the materials have been certified by accredited institutions and they comply with all the quality standards within the food industry. The materials are used as mono, coextruded or laminated films, depending on the special demands of the customer. With the right choice of materials or by combining them, we can extend the product’s shelf life, increase the attractiveness of the product on the shelf and adapt to the specific requirements of the packaging machines.

The most common materials we use are:


We devote special attention to the development of new types of packaging for the meat and dairy industry, for which we can offer a wide range and combinations of films used to package fresh meat, long life or semi-long life meat derivatives, cheese and semi-cooked meals.
We offer various (middle to high barrier) films such as:
– from 190 my to 1000 my thick
– 5-layered, 7-layered and 10-layered
– from 100 my to 300 my thick
– with or without an integrated layer of EVOH
– with different features, such as easy opening – easy peel
In addition, we can offer you HEAT-SHRINKABLE VACUUM BAGS with medium to high barriers, which are resilient to perforations and used to package fresh or frozen meat.