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How do we add value to your product?  

We at Rotoplast believe that with high quality packaging and the use of top quality materials along with a hard-working and professional staff and over 35 years of experience in manufacturing and printing flexible packaging, we can add value to your product.

For all these reasons, we take great responsibility in manufacturing our packaging and it would be our honor if you would decide to put your trust in us.

The program of products we manufacture covers different areas of application, from the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics and personal care to the textile and chemical industry, while some of the products from our promotion program can be seen in banks, PR agencies, publishing, social organizations and associations.

Food packaging makes for more than 70% of our total production:

  • coffee and coffee substitutes
  • confectionery products
  • meat and dairy products
  • snacks
  • pet food
  • sliced and frozen products

The groups are not listed according to origin or type, but according to common knowledge.

multilayer flexible packaging


wrapping labels


shrink sleeve