For over 50 years
family work
and experience

Rotoplast is a family-run business founded in 1971 and remained fully in private ownership ever since.
Since the founding of the company, its core activity was production and flexo printing of flexible
packaging. And when we say family, we mean not only the form of ownership, but also life’s basic
values on which we base our professional development. We are developing the business for more
than 40 years, we invest in new technologies, develop existing processes following market
requirements, create partner relationships with customers and suppliers.

In the field of flexible packaging

We offer the complete product, from the design, prepress, production of photopolymer printing forms, to printing, laminating, stamping, embossing and assembling that is production of various types of bags. As one of the leading producers of flexible packaging in Croatia, within the scope of achieving long-term development plans including inter alia the development and acquisitions of complementary technologies, in October 2005 we acquired one of the leading brands in the field of packaging production, Bakrotisak d.d., Garešnica, for decades holding an important position in the Croatian packaging industry and achieving significant export results in the region and in European countries.

This secured the achievement of objectives of significant expansion of product range, print quality, improvement of overall customer service, and now it will be possible for customers to satisfy most of their needs for flexible packaging at one place. Our main power are people, employees of Rotoplast and Bakrotisak. They contribute significantly to the success of our company, and thus to the success of our customers as well. For the purpose of personal and professional advancement, employees participate in the regular program of continuous education and training in accordance with the programme tailored to individual workplaces. By systematically monitoring novelties in the development and application of flexible packaging, we are constantly exploring possibilities to adopt new products and technologies as well as to access new markets.

Vision, mission, strategy

Our vision is to be the best producer of flexible packaging in terms of quality and one of the leading producers of flexible packaging in the region in terms of produced quantity and, in any case, to be recognized as a reliable partner focused on knowledge and quality.

Our mission is to be a reliable partner for our clients in terms of quality of packaging solutions and quality of the accompanying service, an employer-partner for our employees and an active and socially responsible participant in the immediate and wider environment.

Our strategy is advancement through education, commitment and experience.


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