Bags are a practical solution as primary or secondary packaging for multipacks of various products.

Packaging which we can supply in the form of bags offer many practical usage possibilities such as zip closure, stand-alone form, applying handles, euroloh.


  • Horizontal bag
  • Vertical bag with central welding seam
  • Vertical bag with side welding seam
  • Vacuum bag
  • Vacuum bag with pocket
  • Stand-up bag
  • Bag with slots
  • DKT bag
  • Flexy loop bag
  • Bag with semi-circular bottom
  • Vacuum welding seam bag with zip
  • Bag with semi-circular welding seam at the bottom, zip and banana handle
  • Bag with back welding seam and side slots
  • Bag with back welding seam
  • Bag with ironed ends on slots
  • Bag with side welding seam and slots
  • Bag with instant welding seam and with a bottom slot
  • Bag with pocket
  • Bag with ultrasonic welding seam and euroloh
  • Bag with perforations (holes)
  • Bags with curved welding seam are very interesting from the marketing point of view, and they can be produced in various forms. Bags for packaging dried, cut tobacco have an attractive design and they are convenient for use due to the possibility of multiple opening and closing.