FAQ – about materials

Flexo printing

Flexo printing is a high quality print technique.
It is suitable for printing on different types of materials, and it is most often used for printing on various types of packaging (plastic packaging, labels, paper, corrugated cardboard).



  • Biaxially oriented polypropylene
  • Ideal for surface printing, good for printing labels
  • Quite transparent, resistant to mechanical tearing, moisture
  • Better resistance against high temperature
  • Transparency control (matt, white, metalized)
  • Good for machine packaging of foodstuffs (pasta, cookies)

PE (polyethylene)

  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good weldability
  • Withstands low temperatures
  • Resistant against chemicals
  • Elastic
  • Resistant against oils, chemicals and water

PE AF (polyethylene anti-fog)

  • Against fogging of products
  • Good for meat and meat products and milk products

PA (polyamide)

  • Resistant against fats, oils, alkalis
  • Good for vacuum packaging
  • Resilient
  • Low permeability to gases

PET (polyester)

  • Transparency and shine
  • Resistance
  • Thermal welding
  • Good barrier for water vapour
  • Laminated PET foil has good barrier properties to moisture, gases and odours

AL (aluminium)

  • High barrier
  • Opacity
  • Resistance against grease
  • Watertight
  • Non-toxicity
  • Does not absorb liquid
  • High ability to retain shape


  • Firmness
  • Solidity
  • Opacity
  • Suitable for printing
  • Possibility of metallization
  • Ideal for printing sugar and spices
  • Suitable for multicolour printing


  • Shrink foil
  • High barrier against oxygen, gases, odours and water vapour
  • Good optical properties
  • Can be laminated
  • Secures the freshness of packaged products
  • Very good mechanical properties

Duplex foils

  • Packaging of a wide range of products
  • Pasta and bakery products
  • Dried fruits and nuts
  • Seeds
  • Legumes
  • Meat and meat products
  • Frozen products

Duplex combinations:

  • PA/PE
  • PET/PE
  • PAP/PP
  • PAP/PE
  • PET/PP
  • PP/PP
  • PP/PE

Triplex foils

  • Used for packaging products which require a very good protection against external influences and the preservation of aroma such as coffee and instant mixtures, aromatic spices, honey and syrups, animal feed, cosmetic products and preparations.

Triplex combinations:

  • PET/PETmet/PE
  • PP/AL/PE
  • Triplex s easy openom – for an easier opening of products.
  • Cold seal – for products not resistant against high temperatures.