Meat and dairy products are highly sensitive and have an extremely short shelf life if they are not adequately packaged. Packaging can extend the shelf life significantly and it can also reduce the need to use chemical substances for extending the shelf life.

For packaging cheese, meat and meat products, we have in our offer various types of foils as well as combinations of the same, in order to preserve the flavour, the nutritional value and to prolong the shelf life. For that purpose, among other, we use APET/PE with a thickness of 190 my up to 1000 my and PP/PA/PE with a thickness of 100 my up to 300 my, which can be 5-layered, 7-layered und 10-layered.

  • Upper and lower foils are most often used with slice packaging. Upper foils can be very flexible as well as inflexible, and as such they resemble a plastic cover and they are very convenient when opening and closing the packaging repeatedly.