100 % inspection of print control

In the process of production of quality packaging, printing is an essential part of production. Printing is also the most complex part of the technological process of manufacturing our product. In order to have this very complex process under absolute control, all our printing machines are equipped with a system for 100% inspection (control) of printing.

It is a powerful software and cameras system working together in order to deactivate every, and even the slightest, non-compliance..

The camera system has two types of cameras. The first camera records the entire footprint and compares it at any time with the recorded reference. The second camera (so called segment camera) additionally makes it easier for the operator at the printing machine to monitor the printing quality.

After the printing process our team of graphic engineers filters each printed roll and its possible non-compliance. If required, non-compliance is then singled out on a special cutting and rewinding machine.

All in order to deliver the perfect packaging to our customer.